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Scorched Gold Agave Spirit 500ml

Scorched Gold Agave Spirit 500ml

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Can you imagine what liquid heaven tastes like? A liqueur version of your favourite peanut caramel chocolate bar! Silky smooth silver agave spirit melds together with the natural flavours of roasted peanuts, caramel and chocolate to create a drink so delectable you should probably invite your mates over right now, for your own intervention.

If you love Irish Cream liqueurs but hate the repugnant dairy aftertaste and mouth feel then this is the drink you’ve been waiting your whole life for. 10 times more delectable and moreish with a higher ABV it ticks all the boxes for the perfect afternoon tipple, pre-dinner aperitif, after dinner dessert and any other occasion you can think of where a liquified chocolate bar would make it better. Matter of fact, I’ve got it now.

Made in Australia


** Please note, this spirit is the exact same liquid as Knickers. At the moment we're trialling different names to see which ones you like the most. Please order the one that you think has the best name! **

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