Frequently Asked Questions


Should I keep these in the fridge? 

All our sauces stay fresher if you keep them in the fridge. But if you left them in the cupboard no dramas. They just won't stay as fresh for long as we don't use preservatives or fillers.

Honey is the only one you definitely shouldn't keep in the fridge as it gets too hard to pour out. 

And the only one I HIGHLY recommend refrigerating is Green and Gold as it's so delicate it loses its freshness faster than the other ones. But if you have the space, keep them in the fridge.

If your sauce has gone mouldy in the bottle it means something got into the bottle and contaminated the sauce. Sauce won't go mouldy without spores getting in the bottle.


What should I use this hot sauce on?

You can add it directly to your food or add the sauces in to different recipes, like marinades, sauces and dressings.

Substitute any mustard needed in recipes with Flamin' Mustard for incredible flavour that goes above and beyond normal mustard, use Green and Gold in any recipe that needs a herby boost, use Original in stews and pasta sauces to give them OOMPH.

Use Flamin' Honey in salad dressings for extra deliciousness. Any recipe that needs a bit of sweet use Flamin' Honey. It is also perfect in BBQ marinades as it helps to stick flavour to meats like chicken wings and ribs.  There are lots of 1 ingredient recipes you can use our sauces in : check them out here.

Or just add our sauces to every meal for more real flavour:

Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, avocado on toast, pancakes (honey) 

Lunch: Sandwiches, burgers, pies, salads, noodles, burritos, tacos

Dinner: Spaghetti and all Italian food, Mexican food, seafood, roasts, stir fry, meat and 3 veg, curries, chips, pizza (especially the Flamin’ Honey), chilli mussels, chicken in all varieties, 

But seriously our sauces are the best thing to put on your eggs! Eat it on your eggs everyday and you’ll have a great day, every day.


What is the Scoville Ratings of your Sauces? 

We haven't had our sauces tested in a lab. It's not a common form of testing in Australia. I can't find a lab that will do it. The other problem is apparently if you do find a lab that does Scoville testing the results vary wildly from lab to lab. So most hot sauces just guess what their rating is based on the chillies used. We have have done the same based on our recipes:

  • Flamin’ Honey - 600 Scovilles (bugger all)
  • Flamin’ Tomato 6/10 - 1,500 Scovilles
  • Flamin’ Mustard 7/10 - 1,800 Scovilles
  • Green and Gold 7/10 - 1,800 Scovilles
  • Original 7/10 - 1,800 Scovilles
  • Pretty Hot 9/10 - 9,500 Scovilles
  • Shit the Bed 12/10 - 35,000 Scovilles
  • Black Label 16/10 - 99,000 Scovilles

The rating of Black Label is quite impressive considering we don't use any extracts in our sauces.


Which chillies do you use?

 In Flamin’ Honey we use Charapitas. We only use a touchy touch and we used them because they are absolutely delicious.

In Flamin’ Tomato we use Red Habaneros coz they’re tasty.

In Flamin’ Mustard we use Red Habaneros coz they’re tasty.

In Green and Gold we use Green Jalapenos, Green Habaneros and Gold Charapitas. Get it? Green (Jalapenos and Habaneros) and Gold (Charapitas)!

In Original we use good old Bird's Eye chillies as they were growing in Bunsters' garden the first time she made chilli sauce.  

In Pretty Hot we use Scorpion Chillies. Coz they’re pretty hot and tasty.

In Shit the Bed we use Birds Eyes and Scorpion Chillies.

In Black Label we use Birds Eyes and Scorpion Chillies. Lots of em.


Why don’t you use the hottest chillies in the world?

There are a few good reasons why I haven’t used Carolina Reapers.

Carolina Reapers don’t taste as good as Scorpion chillies. Superior taste is always my goal with my hot sauces, not just extreme heat.

Having said that I haven’t ruled out doing an extremely hot sauce one day with them, so watch this space. 


Will this hot sauce make me shit the bed?

I’d really like to say, “No don’t be silly that’s just a marketing ploy we’ve used to sell the sauce.” But I have heard of some people shitting themselves after eating hot sauce. Also an inadvertent bonus of putting Goji Berries in as that apparently in Chinese medicine they’re used to cure constipation. Go figure! So please proceed with caution if you do get loose bowels from chilli products or Goji Berries. I take no responsibility for damage done to your bedding or clothing.

Never trust a fart.


What is your returns policy?

Our 'Keep it Guarantee' is a Money Back Guarantee that's really nice and simple.

  • We're so confident that you’ll love your Bunsters hot sauce, that we don't muck around.
  • Order any sauce from this site and if you don’t like it, we’ll give you a full refund and you can even keep the open bottle of sauce.
  • To protect ourselves against fraudsters, this guarantee only covers hot sauces and is only valid once per customer, up to 90 days after purchase.
  • Just email us, there'll be no questions, no forms and no returns!
  • That's our KEEP IT guarantee.

What ever happened to XXXX product? 

We are always making new products and putting old ones on the bench. If enough people say they want us to make an old product, we'll make it again! Please fill out this form to let us know which Bunsters product you are missing.


When will my sauce arrive?

We'll get your order in the post on the next working day from our warehouse in Melbourne. Please then allow up to 5 days for delivery around Australia and New Zealand. Generally, the closer you are to Melbourne - the quicker it will arrive. 


I just realised I ordered the wrong thing - how do I change my order?

Drop us an email and we’ll do that for you.


Can I add more to my current order?

Yes! So long as we haven’t shipped it yet. Just drop us an email and we'll add the extra bottles to your order.


How do I cancel my order?

I really hope this isn’t because of my last answer? If you want to cancel that’s OK just drop us an email we’ll look up your order and sort out a refund for you.