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Fresh Ones Gift Set

Fresh Ones Gift Set

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All four Bunsters new release sauces all in one handy four pack.

Now you’re sorted for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and even Dessert! 

This delicious box of goodness provides an array of flavours to complement or improve any meal you’re eating.   

You’ve got the following sauces in the box; 


Green and Gold

Prepare to be blown away by a flavour freight train! This is the most exciting hot sauce to come out of Australia since ‘Shit the Bed’.
For 10 years Renae Bunster longed for a proper green sauce. Like the kind she had in Mexico all those years ago when she was first bitten by the hot sauce bug. Not too hot, not too tart and packed with real fresh ingredients. But no one in Australia had nailed the perfect green sauce, so Renae had to make one herself. 
Packed with green Jalapenos and gold Charapitas - which are the most expensive chillies in the world, this is the best green sauce you’ve ever tasted. 
In Mexico they call it ‘Salsa Verde’ (Green Sauce) and they smother it all over meat and nachos. With a mainstream heat of 8/10, in Australia we use it on eggs at brekky, meats at dinner and just about everything in between.
It’s our Green & Gold and it’s Strayan’ for Salsa Verde. Get it in ya. 
Spicy Ketchup
For too long you’ve been putting up with tomato sauce that tastes like nothing but tomato sauce. Surely there has to be a better way!?

Oh there is a better way and it’s Bunsters Spicy Ketchup!

Inspired by Mum’s “Country Women’s Association Tomato Relish” recipe, Bunster zhooshed this one up to bring it into the 21st century.

There is so much flavour packed into this ketchup, and it only clocks in at 6/10 on our heat scale.

It’s packed with Aussie tomatoes, Habanero and Criollo chillies, Dijon mustard and a delicious mix of veggies and spices. There’s even a carrot in there, because back in those days we used to tie a carrot to our belt as it was the style of the time.

Use this sauce wherever you’d use tomato sauce or relish. A Bunnings Sausage, an IKEA meatball, a Maccas nugget - the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and your proximity to a ‘mystery meat’ purveyor.
Hot Honey
If you thought your life was complete you were wrong.

Bunsters Hot Honey now completes you.

Made from carefully selected single origin Australian Eucalyptus Honey Farms and blended with the most expensive and delicious chillies in the world (the glorious Charapita) this is hands down the finest spicy honey that’s ever been bottled.

Australian honey is already highly prized for its quality and purity and we’ve sourced some of the best tasting honey we could find.

The mild heat in this one makes it perfect for the ‘Sweet Chilli Sauce’ aficionado.

It’s high on the sweet and light on the heat so you can slam it down fast.

You simply must use this hot honey on your pizzas, immediately!

You didn’t know this but your pizza without Bunsters Hot Honey - it sucks. But it’s not too late.

Order a pizza immediately and make it right.

This hot honey also goes perfectly on cooked meats and in marinades, dressings and dipping sauces.

So whack on a bit of Mother Nature’s own sweet chilli sauce and prepare to be amazed at how it elevates everything.
Salami Sauce 

  • Are your household salami bills getting out of hand?
  • Are you sick and tired of your salami not having enough salami flavour?
  • Has your stupid doctor told you to stop eating processed meats?
  • Are you sick of hot sauces that don’t taste like salami?

Well we’ve got great news for you. We heard your complaints and whipped up this delicious little sauce that 7/10 drunk people at a chilli festival think tastes like Salami.

Vegetarians and vegans can finally rejoice.

Use this sauce on anything that needs a bit of heat and flavour.

Behold Bunsters Salami Sauce that CONTAINS NO ACTUAL SALAMI! It’s like some kind of meaty miracle.

It doesn’t matter what’s on the menu we’ve got a sauce for you in this box.


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