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Fruit Bomb Agave Spirit 500ml

Fruit Bomb Agave Spirit 500ml

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If you love Fruit Tingle Cocktails but hate all that sugar, then this is the godsend you’ve been waiting for. 

Be taken back to your childhood but without the Type 2 diabetes, with this tangy and tingly mix of lemon, lime, orange and raspberry blended together in a fun purple drink. 

It’s not sickly sweet, it’s tangy and deliciously moreish. A surprise favourite with just about everyone who says: “I don’t think I’ll like this” and BAM their new favourite drink has just been discovered. From youngsters to Boomers (yes even Bunster’s 74 year old mother in law!) everyone needs to try this one.

Serve over ice, use in fruity cocktails or simply mix with soda water to create the most refreshing Fruit Tingle Seltzer, that’s light on the sugar and full of the flavour of Fruit Tingles. 

Made in Australia


** Please note, this spirit is the exact same liquid as Zingle. At the moment we're trialling different names to see which ones you like the most. Please order the one that you think has the best name! **

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