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Everything's Fucked Agave Spirit 500ml

Everything's Fucked Agave Spirit 500ml

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The amazing base spirit for our entire range of flavoured Agave Spirits. We imported 100% Blue Weber Agave Cactus from Mexico and shipped it all the way to Australia. After a hefty ferment we distilled out the pure goodness and this was the result. 

Clean and unaged or “Silver” as the Mexicans call it, this is what Tequila tastes like before it goes into a barrel and picks up the characteristics of oak. Savour the delicate and complex natural notes of caramel, vanilla and honey in this virginal and clean agave spirit.

Delightful to sip on the rocks or mix in to your favourite Agave Spirit based cocktails while you ponder “why is everything so fucked right now?”

Made in Australia

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