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Cinni Buns Agave Spirit 500ml

Cinni Buns Agave Spirit 500ml

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For lovers of cinnamon buns, apple pies, Big Red Gum, mulled wine and Fireball Whiskey. Velvety Silver Agave Spirit has been made even more smooth with sweet cinnamon flavours. Creating a liquid dessert that reminds you of good times like Easter, Christmas markets, Mum’s apple pie and doing shots at Apres Ski parties and fun nights out.

But it’s a waste to do shots of this. It’s one to sip and savour over ice and percolate in thoughts about your childhood, sailing the Whitsundays and if the Aussie men’s Basketball team should get a better name than the “Boomers”. This drink is the nectar of the cinnamon gods. It’s smooth and mature, not syrupy sweet and childish. 

It’s a drink for thinkers, who sit by the fireplace and read heavy hard cover books about spies and sad housewives. But it’s also good if you want to stand on a table and do a shot with underpants on your head. Truly a drink for all occasions and all people. 

Made in Australia


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