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Shit the Bed Board Game

Shit the Bed Board Game

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Go on, spin the bottle. What’s the worst that could happen?

The ultimate game for people who aren’t scared of a bedtime mishap.

Playing this game is easy:

1. Grab some mates

2. Open the bottle of Shit the Bed Hot Sauce (Provided)

3. Spin the bottle

4. Perform either a song, dare, brutal truth, or name 5 things in 20 seconds

Or you have to eat a spoonful of Shit the Bed Hot Sauce!

Grab some adult nappies and a cold glass of milk because it’s time to play the only game with no winners, only losers!

Brutal Truth! Who has the ugliest ex partner? Discuss

List 5 in 20 sec. List 5 things that are for sale at a sex shop.

Brutal Truth! What is the most shameful thing you did to get out of doing something?

Dare! Let someone give you a spanking, or pen tattoo your neck, or make out.

Sing! Sing ‘Milkshake’ by Kelis, encouraging the boys to your yard with the vigor you sing it.

Disclaimer: We cannot accept responsibility for players shitting themselves during or after playing this game.

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